The big day is approaching and you've found the perfect dress...but wait, it doesn't fit. Your dreams have been hinged on this beautiful gown. It matches your decor. Your accessories. And, mostly importantly, your signature style. But don't give up just yet. Not until you let us work our magic. When you bring your dress to us, we will custom fit it to match your style and body, flawlessly.

So What Can We Alter?

Let's put it this way. If it's a formal gown, we can alter it! Wedding dresses, bridesmaids' gowns, prom name it, we can do it.

Don't know where to begin with dress alterations? Let's start with some of the basics. If you have more detailed questions, call us today at (806) 777-2604 to schedule a consultation.

Hem - If your dress is too long, we can take up the length several inches or more.

Fitting - Meet with us to have your gown fitted. We take the proper measurements of your figure (waist, bust, hips, etc) to asses what alterations need to be implemented. We also discuss your preferences on fit and style.

Taking-In A Dress - Many brides and women alike may need their dress tightened in one specific area or through out. We can take-in your gown up to several sizes to give you that custom fit you desire.

Letting-Out A Dress - If your find your dress fitting too snugly, don't worry. We can artfully add inches to your dress with matching fabric types to customize your gown.

Suits - While dresses are our specialty, we can also tailor your suit. From narrowing sleeves to cuffing pants, we can customize your attire to suit you!